” It’s not like Halkidiki “, say the northern Greeks and they know something

Halkidiki is a peninsula of stunning beauty that belongs to the region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece.

It has long been renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes, excellent seaside resorts and exotic beaches. The peninsula is divided into three smaller peninsulas, the so-called “legs” of the peninsula.

The southernmost leg, called Kassandra, is filled with luxury hotels, resorts and beaches with all possible amenities. The middle leg, called Sithonia, is less commercialized but full of lovely, secluded coves.

The northernmost leg, Athos, consists entirely of various monastic communities and is, for the most part, closed to the public. Only men are allowed access to the peninsula, and they must obtain special permission in advance even to land there by boat.

Halkidiki has the perfect combination of unspoilt landscapes and modern amenities that serve almost every visitor.

Its pristine natural environment is complemented by the lively religious and cultural traditions of its inhabitants, while the rich gastronomy of the region is highlighted on feast days with elaborate ceremonies.

The combination of the scent of pine trees and sea salt relaxes both the mind and body, allowing travelers to enjoy the famous sunrises and sunsets of the region with great tranquility.