The best kept secret of Greece


Surrounded by the deep blue waters of N. Aegean Sea and just 6 nautical miles from the opposite coast is the island of Thassos.

In an atmosphere of carefree and relaxing, in a place untouched by mass tourism, give yourself the opportunity for a truly unique and unforgettable holiday.

It has the title emerald island and the pine trees reach the shore.

It has drinking water from its own springs.

The island with the blue coasts, the fine sand, the crystal clear waters and the many choices.
From Evraiokastro, Agios Vasilis and Glyfada to Nyster, Papalimani and Glykadi.

Η Θάσος είναι επίσης ιδανική για όσους προτιμούν τις διακοπές στα βουνά. (e.g. hiking in the majestic Ypsario). The island of Thassos is located in northern Greece, opposite the coast of Eastern Macedonia.
The length of its coastline reaches 115 km. and the surface of its territory is spread over 378.84 sq. kms. (Wikipedia)

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