Edessa Waterfalls –
The City of Water

Edessa Waterfalls

Edessa, (formerly also called Vodena or City of Waters), is the city and capital of the Prefecture of Pella, belongs to the Region of Central Macedonia and is also the capital of the enlarged municipality of Edessa.

The Karanos Waterfall.

The largest and most beautiful Waterfall is named after the first Macedonian King of Karanos where the legendary King Midas once lived with his unique gardens. One of the most important sights in Greece. The water falls from a height of 70m.

Other attractions of the city are:

  • The High Rock overlooking the plain of Central Macedonia, from Giannitsa to Thessaloniki.
  • The location “Kioupri” (meaning bridge in Turkish), at the western entrance of the city, with a stone arched bridge of the Turkish occupation, a park, a swimming pool and an indoor gym.
  • The stone Clock of the City, built around 1905.
  • The Byzantine church of the Assumption of Theotokos or Agia Sophia, an old metropolitan church, in the district of Varossi. Building of the 14th century, with Corinthian columns, apparently from an ancient temple in the same place.
  • The traditional district of Varossi, where the oldest houses of Edessa (some from the early 19th century) are preserved. The entire district has been declared a listed building, but most of the buildings are in imminent danger of collapse.
  • The Small Waterfalls in the centre of the city that used to drive a water mill.
  • The Yeni Mosque, probably built in 1875, which was declared a listed building in 1937 and housed the city’s archaeological museum (inaugurated on 8 December 1942).
  • The marble Monument of Asia Minor, dedicated to ancient Pergamon

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